Lead Management System(LMS)

Lead Master is a customizable product. Lead time is overlap between tasks that have a dependency. It improves efficiency of process. Due to this divine feature it is adaptable to all business sectors. It succours to manage client as well automate and streamline your marketing process. It also helps you capture, nurture and convert leads. It is cloud based so it is easy to source pool, easy to learn and easy to use and easy to manage.

School ERP

School ERP software is a web based ERP software is to streamline all academic processes and manage student information efficiently along with automating processes for the stakeholders. It is also known as Student Information System. It helps school staff to use school data in structured manner and helps manage business workflows at colleges and universities.

Distributor Management System(DMS)

The sales organization may sell products on behalf of multiple plants, offering distribution channels for wholesalers, distributors and retailers, to help companies of all types increase sales, share and cut down on costs. Indirect channels involve multiple intermediaries before the product ends up to consumer. This process includes packaging, inventory, warehousing, supply chain, and logistics.


It combines a number of systems and process to ensure to easy management of human resources, business processes and data. including Benefits administration , Payroll, recruiting and training and performance analysis and review into one package. Human resources software is used by business to combine necessary function. It ensures everyday human resources processes are manageable and easily accessed.

Sales Check In

Sales Check In is a application evolve for prefect sales force assistance to the people. It provides assistance to the team for information regarding to all work fields. The schedule shows the details like date and time of meetings to be held with basic details like address of a company, name of a company, phone number , etc as shown in screen.

Visitor Management System

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